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Updated October 31, 2017


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Z1792     Civil War Smoothside Canteen with Partial Butternut Cover

Description: Nice canteen that still has a large portion of the original butternut cover. This one retains it's shape but does have a few dents and dings from service. The cover is dirty.

Price: $250.00

Z1786    Civil War Federal New York Depot Canteen

Description: Nice canteen with the original cover that is tightly stitched around the edge. This one has some very small dents from service but retains it's overall shape. The pewter spout is out of round and this example is missing the chain and stopper.

Price: $350.00

Z1699     Rare Civil War Bullet Struck Militia Style Canteen

Description: Here is a fine example of an early tin militia style canteen that was often used by Confederate forces. This piece is obviously an early pickup or barn find. You can clearly see where the bullet entered the canteen on the side which slightly tweaked the seam. The bullet then exited near the top of the canteen which completely blew out the seam from one shoulder sling guide to another. This canteen still retains all three of the shoulder sling guides as well as the tin spout. Judging by the size of the hole, I would say it would have been impacted by a .58 or .69 projectile. Pieces like this are very difficult to find and rarely surface on the market.

Measures: 6.5" in diameter and 2" thick

Recovered: Early battlefield pickup from an unknown location

Price: $2,500.00 SOLD

Z1667     Federal June 1864 Type II Pattern Cartridge Box (.58)

Description: Here is a decent box with the original shoulder strap. This one has some typical crazing throughout. The box contains both original tins. One of the tins is missing the divider on the top section. The leather on this example is still quite supple. The leather on the shoulder strap is heavily crazed but it's supple and strong. There are two maker/inspector marks on the sling near where the belt would pass through the loops.

Price: $495.00 SOLD

Z1463     Civil War Cap Pouch by H. Haedrich of Phildelphia

Description: Here is a nice Civil War cap box produced by H. Haedrich of Philadelphia. This one still has supple leather and contains the vent pick. The overall stitching is tight and the belt loops are still pliable. The interior wool is missing which is common.

Measures: 3.5" x 4.5"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $125.00 SOLD

Z1258     Federal June 1864 .58 Type II Pattern Cartridge Box (W.H. Wilkinson /G.T. Woodbury Sub Inspector)

Description: Here is an outstanding example of a June 1864 pattern cartridge box. This is the best one I have seen in years. The face is embossed US within an oval and there is a very crisp sub inspector mark of G.T. Woodbury. The inner flap and pocket are in great shape. The interior flap is marked W.H.Wilkinson. Both Jappaned buckles are still firmly attached and the stitching is excellent! The original tins are inside and still shiny. This box must have been tucked away for many years. Unfortunately, my nicer camera and lighting system is down. The pictures don't do this one justice. The leather is still pliable and the top flap has minute crazing. If you like excellent leather, this one may be for you!

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $595.00 SOLD



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