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Updated May 7, 2019


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Z2753     Regulation 1851 Pattern Buff Leather Saber Belt

Description:  Here is a nice example of a buff leather saber belt used by the Dragoons, Cavalry, and Light Artillery. The outside leather was dyed and the inside leather was left as is. The sword straps and should strap is missing which is quite common on these rigs. The overall condition is great. All stitching is intact and the main body hardware is present. The example has a very nice M1851 pattern sword belt plate with matching benchmark numbers of "265."

Price: $695.00

Z2752     Federal Enlistedman's Belt with a 1839 Pattern US Buckle with Studs

Description: Here is an excellent example of a period Federal regulation belt with buckle. The plate is the early style with the "Puppy Paw" studs and is in excellent condition. The belt still retains its original keeper and the leather is still soft and supple. The inner leather side is pretty clean for the age and the outer layer exhibits light crazing throughout. There are two inspector's marks near the keeper that I can't make out.

Price: $525.00

Z2647     Handmade Leather Cartridge Pouch

Description: Here is a very nicely made cartridge pouch made of leather. The leather is nicely stretched around a block of wood that has 7 holes. At one time, this block of wood would have been an original packet of ammunition containing 6 cartridges and one packet of percussion caps. The name Reuben Walker? appears on the inside face of the leather. On the inside of the long strap is what appears to be "This was Reuben Walkers" written in pencil.

Measures: 1.25" x 3.75"

Recovered: From the personal effects of George E. Cook Company A 21st Mass. Vol. Regiment

Price: $125.00 Sale Pending!

Z2614     Model 1858 "Bullseye" Canteen by Hadden Porter & Booth of Phildelphia

Description: Decent canteen that saw use through two different time periods. This one has a few small service dents in both sides. This canteen is marked on the spout. It started off as a Civil War period canteen. It appears this one was pressed into service at a later date due to the copper ring around the spout which would date that era to the late Indian War period. There are a few small rust holes in one side and one is filled with solder. There is something that rattles around on the inside and it's probably the remains on the cork stopper.

Price: $125.00

Z2613     Model 1858 "Smoothside" Canteen (New York Depot)

Description: Nice "smoothsided" canteen missing one of the sling guides. One side is nearly perfect and the other side has one large dent in the middle with a smaller dent above and another small dent below. There is a hole in one of the sling guides which is attributed to the New York Depot. This was meant to attach the stopper to the sling guide.

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $125.00

Z2144     Early War Philadelphia Depot Canteen (Smoothside)

Description: Nice early war canteen with the small rolled lip spout that measures 7/8" in diameter. The cover is near perfect and the canteen retains it's original shape with only a few small dents that can felt. There is a marking on the cover that appears to read, "DEL / 6." The stitching is tight and the brown wool cover retains nice coloring.

Price: $350.00

Z2068     Model 1861 .58 Cartridge Box by L.S. Baker of New York with an SNY Boxplate

Description: Here is a Model 1861 cartridge box with an original SNY boxplate. This particular box was made by L.S Baker of New York. The leather is still pliable and there is light crazing throughout. The interior tool pouch flap has the most crazing as can be seen in the photos. One of the jappaned tin roller buckles is detached but it is still on the inside of the box. Both tins are original to the cartridge box and are slightly rusted. O'Donnell & Campbell state that this particular die pattern SNY boxplate is of the type purchased by the State of New York during 1864-1865 and "issued almost entirely to the local militia after the government ordered New York to stop outfitting its volunteers for Federal Service." I have included pictures of the buckle at the bottom of the item page.

Measures: 7.25" x 1.75" x 5.5"

Plate measures: 54 mm x 86 mm

Plate Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell Plate 550

Price: $895.00

Z2070     Model 1864 Type II, Pattern of 1864 Cartridge Box for .58 Elongated Ball Cartridges

Description: Here is a decent and lightly used or non issued cartridge box. The outer cover has a crisp US stamp on the middle of the face. The inner lid has very little crazing and is marked with the sub inspector mark of E. Sniffen and an R. Nece Philadelphia stamp. As you can see, this cartridge box has tight stitching, and very little crazing throughout. There is an old inventory number written on the inside of the exterior flap.

Measures: 7.25" x 1.75" x 5.5"

Price: $450.00

Z1786    Civil War Federal New York Depot Canteen

Description: Nice canteen with the original cover that is tightly stitched around the edge. This one has some very small dents from service but retains it's overall shape. The pewter spout is out of round and this example is missing the chain and stopper.

Price: $350.00


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