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Updated April 22, 2018


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Z1961     New York Depot Canteen with Light Blue Cover

Description:  Nice canteen with the light blue cover. This one still retains the stopper and chain. The chain is tied to the remains of the original straps. There is a section  that is missing some of the cover as pictured. There are some service dents that can be felt under the cover with one large dent on the side as shown in the first picture.

Price: $295.00

Z1958     Civil War Revolver / Pistol Cartridge Box by E. Gaylord Chicopee Massachusetts

Description: Here is a very nice cartridge box for revolver ammuntion. The box is in overall great condition with very little crazing. The one part that has decent amount of crazing is the closing tab which is common.

Backmark: "E. GAYLORD / CHICOPEE / MASS." This one has straight line stitching throughout and the belt loops are riveted and stitched. The back of this example has a clear "E. GAYLORD / CHICOPEE / MASS." marking. All of the leather is supple and the straps are easily opened.

Measures: 6" x 4" x 1.25"

Price: $225.00

Z1906     Federal Percussion Cap Pouch with Rivets & Integral Latch (E. Metzgar / Phila. & H.H. Hartzell)

Description: Here is a very nice cap pouch produced by E. Metgar of Philadelphia. This one has the sub inspector mark of H.H. Hartzell from the US Ord. Dept. The leather on this example is supple and the overall body has very little crazing. The closure tab has a little bit as well as the belt loops. This example does have the original wool stitched inside. This item is in great shape and would make an excellent addition to any leather or accoutrement collection. It would be hard to upgrade this one!

Measures:  3.75" x 3.5"

Price: $250.00 SOLD

Z1786    Civil War Federal New York Depot Canteen

Description: Nice canteen with the original cover that is tightly stitched around the edge. This one has some very small dents from service but retains it's overall shape. The pewter spout is out of round and this example is missing the chain and stopper.

Price: $350.00


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