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Updated April 27, 2019


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We are currently looking to photograph items for our book on Antietam Relics & Artifacts. If you have some items with great provenance, we would like to photograph them for the book. We are open to all sorts of relics. With that being said, we only want items with great provenance including local paper money, artillery, buckles, bayonets, etc.


Antietam Field Hospital Museum Items


We have been getting several emails about the validity of the items from the Antietam "Field Hospital" Museum that are currently on the market. We have had several people contacting us trying to sell us such items. From the research that I have been doing on local museums for my book, I have found no evidence of this museum ever being in existence. We have tracked down every museum in the area and none of them had a concentration of medical items.  None of the locals have ever heard of this museum as well. The museum is said to have closed in the 1960's. Unfortunately, there is no record of this museum in my area. Until I can confirm the museum with ownership or get a physical address as to where it was located I will leave this up. We will continue our research for our book but will not be photographing items from this museum until provenance is fully secured. While this museum could have existed, the provenance is lacking a lot of detail in my humble opinion.



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Z2663     Federal Regulation 1839 Pattern Waist Belt Plate (Stud Hooks)

Description: Here is a nice early "puppy paw" buckle dug in the vicinity of the East Woods at Antietam. This plate remains relatively uncleaned. There are a few freeze cracks on the face and most of the lead solder remains on the back. The plate is slightly wavy but still retains it's overall slightly curved shape.

Measures: 56 mm x 88 mm

Recovered: Sharpsburg, Maryland (East Woods / Antietam)

Price: $325.00

Z1012     Grouping of Artillery Fuse Parts

Description: Here is a small grouping of parts of artillery fuses and fuse adaptors. These are all lead or zinc. This group includes the parts for a parrott fuse, hotchkiss, and Boremann fuse.

Recovered: Hauser Farm, Sharpsburg, Md.

Price: $15.00

M8     Brass Antietam Centennial Token (Dunkard Church)

Description: Here is an interesting item from the Centennial era here at Antietam. These tokens, along with a few other types were produced for the Antietam centennial. The face has a photo of the "Dunkard Church" in the middle and is surrounded by "Battle of Antietam" / Sept 17, 1862." The back states, " Good for 50 Cents in trade at any cooperating business or redeemable at any Washington or Frederick county Maryland bank on or before 2:00 PM Aug. 1, 1962." These tokens were produced for the bicentennial of Hagerstown, Md. as well as the centennial of the battles of Antietam & South Mountain. We have five of the Dunkard Church tokens available and will pick the best ones first. We also have a few of the other types so if you are looking for a particular one, let me know.

Measures: 33.85mm

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $15.00 Each (Qty. Available 5)

M19     Paper Brochure for J.C. Sargent's "Gardner Monumental Works" in Gardner Massachusetts

Description: Here is an interesting piece of history that is related to Antietam. This is the paper brochure that was used in marketing for the Gardner Monumental Works. J.C. Sargent owned and operated the monumental works for several years. He was a Civil War veteran and was the one who designed and produced the monuments that were on the ends of the Burnside Bridge. Below the brochure is a photo of J.C. Sargent standing by one of his monuments. This photo is not for sale and is only pictured as reference.

Measures: 8.75" x 5.5"

Recovered: Gardner Monumental Works Factory

Price: $15.00 Each (Qty. Avail. 4)


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