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Updated October 25, 2017


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Z1770     Socket Bayonet for the Model 1855, 1861, and 1863 .58 Muskets

Description: Nice early pickup or barn find condition bayonet. This one has even pitting and the locking ring still moves. You can faintly see a US mark on the bottom of the blade. There are a couple of rust spots throughout but the metal is solid.

Measures: 21" in length

Recovered: Shiloh

Price: $95.00 SOLD

Z1680     Excavated M1855 Bayonet

Description: Here is a nice excavated bayonet. This one still has the locking ring although it's frozen in place. This bayonet was manufactured for the M1855, M1861, and M1863 muskets. This one was recovered from Fussell's Mill by the pioneer relic hunter Bill Gavin. The metal is pitted but quite solid. This piece was originally purchased from the Horsesoldier when they had Bill's entire collection. It comes with the original tag written on by Bill Gavin as well as the Horsesoldier's tag.

Measures: 21"

Recovered: Fussell's Mill Va. by Bill Gavin

Price: $125.00 SOLD

Z1216     Excavated Model 1816 Friction Bayonet

Description: Here is a very well preserved Model 1816 friction bayonet. This one has your typical T mortis where the front sight would lock into. There is a flute on the bottom of the blade that measures almost 9" in length. The blade is slightly wavy towards the end and it's been cleaned and coated.

Measures: 18.5"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $95.00

Z1263     Excavated Digging / Entrenching Tool Fashioned from an Austrian Lorenz Bayonet

Description: Here is an early excavated digging or entrenching tool from the Antietam region. This one is fashioned out of an Austrian Lorenz bayonet. The front of the socket is bent in a little and may have been why this piece was discarded. This could have been manufactured during the war or possibly after.

Measures: 3" x 9'

Recovered: Antietam Region

Price: $195.00

Z1259     Federal Model 1860 Cavalry Saber by Mansfield & Lamb of Forestdale, Rhode Island (Dated 1862)

Description: Here is a very nice item that recently came of an older collection. This is a very nice Model 1860 Cavalry saber. The only issue with this one is that the wire wrap is missing from the leather handle. The blade and scabbard have a pleasing patina! This one has a desirable early war date and is priced to move!

Ricasso Marking: "MANSFIELD / & / LAMB / FORESTDALE RI", and "US / (inspector) / 1862"

Blade Length: 35"

Price: $675.00 SOLD


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