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Updated August 1, 2018


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Confederate Central Government Buttons

Z2085     Confederate Staff Officer's Button

Description:  Nicely gilted vest size button. This one was manufactured by Smith Kemp Wright.

Backmark: "S&K / RIVET'D & SOLDER'D" dm with a coat of arms.

Measures: 19.24 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert's CS5, Tice CS205AM1

Price: $195.00

Z2030     Confederate Army Officer's Button

Description: Very attractive button with gilt, clear backmark, and a stand up shank intact.

Backmark: "EXTRA RICH / (dot) TREBLE GILT (dot)" dm outer ring of dots with an inner solid ring

Measures: 24.22 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert's CS5A3, Tice CS205A5

Price: $225.00

Z2029     Confederate Army General Service button, "CSA" Button

Description: Nice non excavated Confederate general service button. The stand up shank is intact.

Backmark: "SUPERIOR QUALITY / (dot)" dm, outer ring of dots, inner solid ring

Measures: 22.78 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert's CS81A1, TiceCSG203A3

Price: $195.00

Z2129     Confederate Script "I" Infantry Coat Button

Description: Perfect excavated button with a plum patina. The stand up shank is intact.

Backmark: "S. ISAACS CAMPBELL & CO. / (dot) LONDON (dot)/ 71. JERMYN. ST." dm with an outer ring of dots and inner solid ring

Measures: 22.52 mm

Recovered: Unknown

Reference: Albert's CS177A, Tice CSI215A2

Price: $150.00

Z1893     Scarce Confederate Infantry Coat Button by William Bird of London

Description: Here is a very scarce stippled old English "I" coat button. Tice states that these are the rarest of all British-made Confederate letter buttons. There are two others out there on the internet that I could find and this one is priced much lower than the other examples.

Backmark: Blank with three rings

Measures: 22 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert's CS178V, Tice CS1218A3

Price: $1,495.00

Z1410     Non Excavated Confederate Block "I" Infantry Button with Border

Description: Excellent button that's hard to find in non excavated condition. This one has an excellent lathed rim and integral shank.

Backmark: Blank

Measures: 23.44 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert CS184A, Tice CSI275A1.

Price: $475.00

Z1336     Two-Piece Confederate Artillery Roman Lined "A" Button

Description: Very nice and hard to find button. These were manufactured in England and smuggled through the blockade. This style has a floating shank.

Backmark: "P. TAIT & Co / (dot) LIMERICK (dot) " dm outer ring of dots

Measures: 19.65mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert CS103A, Tice CSA206B1

Price: $725.00


Confederate State Buttons


Z2041     Confederate South Carolina State Seal Coat Button

Description: Nicely gilted button with silver gilt on the back. These were manufactured by Steele & Johnson around 1860.

Backmark: "W.G.MINTZER. /PHILd..) dm with an inner rings of dots and a solid outer ring.

Measures: 22.29 mm

Reference: Albert's SC11, Tice SC244A3

Price: $195.00

Z1490     Confederate One-Piece Low-Convex Virginia State Seal Button

Description: Nice non excavated low-convex Virginia state seal button. This one has a crisp backmark, nice patina, and is missing the shank.

Backmark: "YOUNG. SMITH & CO / (dot) New (dot) York (dot) " rm between two rings of dots

Measures: 22.41 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert VA2D, Tice VA105V

Price: $165.00

Z2033     Virginia State Seal Coat Button

Description:  Very nice Virginia state seal coat button with the stand up shank intact. This one has an early rmdc backmark.

Backmark: "SCOVILL. MFG. CO. / (star) WATERBURY. (star)" rmdc

Measures: 22.44 mm

Reference: Albert's VA13, Tice VA222A7 variant

Price: $225.00




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