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Updated July 23, 2018


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Z1884     Federal Model 1859 Bridle Bit with Both Bit Bosses

Description: This one appears to be a bard find that is in decent shape. It has been cleaned and coated and missing the lower bar. Both US bit bosses are firmly attached to this example.

Measures: 5.75" x 8.25"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $185.00

Z1332     Excavated Cavalry Crossed Sabers Regulation 1858

Description: Very nice complete pair of crossed swords. This one is a bit wavy but complete and void of any cracks or repairs.

Measures: 1.75" x 3.25"

Recovered: Fairfax, Virginia

Price: $250.00

Z1279     Excavated Carbine Sling Swivel

Description: Here is a nice excavated carbine sling swivel with the spring still intact. The exact recovery area of this one is unknown. It has been cleaned and coated.

Measures: 3" x 8.75"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $125.00

Z1276     Excavated/Early Pickup/Barn Find Carbine Sling Swivel

Description: Here is a very nice carbine sling buckle that is missing the spring. This one has been cleaned and coated for your enjoyment. It is said to have come from Franklin, Tennessee and may be a bard find based on the condition.

Measures: 3" x 8.75"

Recovered: Franklin, Tennessee

Price: $125.00

Z1201     Regulation 1841 Carbine Sling Buckle

Description: Here is a carbine sling buckle that appears to have been dug in a sandy area or perhaps a fire pit. Fortunately, this one isn't bent too far out of shape like most examples. There is still one full flipper and part of another. Neither of them are movable.

Measures: 51mm x 81mm

Recovered: Chancellorsville, Virginia

Price: $65.00

Z1199     Model 1859 Cavalry Curb Bit (Field Modified)

Description: Here is an interesting Cavalry curb bit. This is your typical M59 bit missing both of the bit bosses. This example has a very low port. The most interesting thing about this one is the field modification. One of the cheek pieces broke off and was modified with a broken part of another bit. A new cheek piece was hand forged and attached with two rose head nails. This piece is slightly out of square due to having a handmade piece attached but obviously served its purpose. This is a great example of field ingenuity! Based on the look of the metal this was an early pickup or barn find and it's been cleaned and coated.

Measures: 6" x 8.5"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $95.00

Z1181     Federal Eagle "C" Cavalry Overcoat Button

Description: Here is a very nice excavated Cavalry button. This one is an overcoat size and still has plenty of gilt surrounding the eagle. The shank is intact and the button doesn't have any dents or cracks.

Backmark: Illegible

Measures: 22.67 mm

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $85.00

Z1180     Federal Eagle "C" Cavalry Coat Button

Description: Here is a very nice excavated eagle Cavalry button. This one still has a good bit of gold left in the right places. The stand up shank is intact and there is still a bit of thread left. There are no dents, cracks, or pushes on this example.

Backmark: "SCOVILL MF'G CO. / (dot) WATERBURY. (dot) " dm between rings of dots

Measures: 20.62mm

Recovered: Petersburg, Va.

Price: $90.00

Z1109     Federal Eagle "C" Coat Button

Description: Nice excavated cavalry coat button. This one was recovered from an early war camp in Bakerton, West Virginia. The face still retains a lot of gilt but the back is pushed and cracked around the shank.

Backmark: W.H. SMITH & CO NEW YORK rmdc

Measures: 22.41mm

Recovered: Bakerton, West Virginia

Price: $60.00

Z1094   Section of a Patented Two Part Spur

Description: Here is a very interesting spur. This one would have originally been made up of two parts. This piece would have been tacked into the back of a boot heel. The neck and rowel portion would have slipped down into the back of this piece and locked in place. This one is a little wavy but still retains it's original shape. The inside is stamped "211" and the patent information is on the inside. This particular variant is a little different from the one listed in in Crouch's spur book!

Measures: 1" x 2"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $50.00


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