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Z1889     Obsolete Mississippi Twenty Dollar Note (Red Faith Pledge over Green Face)

Description: Nice 1862 issued bill out of Jackson, Mississippi. The back contains notes from Natchez which is quite scarce. I would rate this note at very fine to extremely fine.

Backmark: Natchez

Measures: 2.75" x 7.5"

Price: $165.00

Z1888     Obsolete Mississippi Fifty Dollar Note (Faith Pledge Blue Face)

Description: Nice 1862 issued Confederate note. I would rate this note in very good condition.

Measures: 2.75" x 7.25

Price: $45.00

Z1887     Obsolete Mississippi One Dollar Note (Cotton Pledge Blue Face)

Description: Nice Confederate note that was issued on May 1, 2862. I would rate this note in very good condition. There are several pin holes throughout the note but the color and detail are crisp!

Measures: 2.75" x 7.25"

Price: $60.00

Z1886     Obsolete State of Louisiana $3.00 Note 1862 (Green Over Print / Holly Springs Reverse)

Description: Nice bill with great colors. There is a stain mark on the back. I would rate this note in VERY GOOD to FINE condition.

Measures: 2.75" x 6"

Price: $70.00 SOLD

Z948    1858 Seated Liberty Half Dollar (New Orleans Mint)

Description: Nice silver half dollar showing wear from use. This coin was designed by Christian Gobrecht. 

Measures: 30.5mm

Price: $35.00 Sale $28.00  SOLD

Z939     Currency, CSA $10.00 Note, December 2, 1862, Series 4, Plate B

Description: Nice discontinued Confederate note from early in the war. This one has some bends and some water damage from usage. This note features the Capital at Columbia, S.C. with R.M.T. Hunter on the lower right. The note is light pink in color on the face with a blue colored back.

Price: $50.00 Sale $40.00

C1     1849 "Braided Hair" Large Cent

Description: Here is a nice large cent that shows some age. You can clearly make out the main design on the front and back.

Measures: 27mm

Recovered: Non Dug

Price: $30.00 Sale $24.00

Z559     1865 Two-Cent Piece

Description: Well worn 1865 two-cent piece minted in Philadelphia. This is one of the shortest lived issues of coins. It was designed by James B. Longacre and was in use from 1864-1873.

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $20.00 Sale $16.00

Z558     1848/49 Seated Liberty Half Dime

Description: Here is a nice little 1848 half dime that was minted at New Orleans. The majority of the detail is worn but the major outlines are there.

Recovered: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $35.00 Sale $28.00

Z557     1827 Capped Bust Dime    

Description: Here is a personalized 1827 dime minted in Philadelphia. This die pattern was designed by John Reich. There are lines on the face which could be to cut it as it does have eight pieces. There is also a hole punched clean through.

Recovered: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $38.00 Sale $30.40

Z556     1858 Seated Liberty Quarter

Description: Here is an interesting 1858 Quarter. This one is well worn and shows some age. The details are quite worn but the outer rim is sticking up. It appears that someone continuously tapped the outer edge like they do when they make coin rings. The rim is extremely smooth so I have a feeling it was done quite some time ago. This particular one was minted in Philadelphia and was designed by Christian Gobrecht.

Recovered: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $28.00 Sale $22.40 SOLD

Z501     1834 Capped Bust Ten Cent Piece

Description: Here is a well worn 1834 capped bust 10 cent piece. This one was carved with a knife and a hole was scraped out. This coin was the design of William Kneass and all of them were coined at the Philadelphia mint. 

Recovered: Vicksburg Collection

Price: $40.00 Sale $32.00

Z499     1854 Ten Cent Piece

Description: 1854 ten cent piece manufactured at the mint in Philadelphia, Pa. Someone carved an "X" on the face.

Recovered: Vicksburg Collection

Price: $20.00 Sale $16.00 SOLD

Z393     Currency, CSA $50.00 Note, April 6th 1863, Series 1, Plate No. W (Discontinued)

Description: Nice colorful discontinued bill. This has the image of Jefferson Davis on the front.

Serial Number: 85501

Printer: Keatinge & Ball Columbia, S.C.

Reference: Criswell "Confederate Paper Money" Type 57 (414)

Price: $125.00 Sale $92.00

Z378     Currency, CSA $50 Note, Feb. 17, 1864, Series 2, Plate No. A

Harder to find bill with the flourish over the "Con" in confederate. The true color on the back is a little lighter than the scans show.

Serial Number: 3775

Printer: Keatinge & Ball

Reference: Grover C. Criswell "Confederate Paper Money" Type 66 (501)

Price: $110.00 Sale $88.00 SOLD


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