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Z2608     Original Japanned Tin Maynard Tape Primer Container with 10 Primers

Description: Excellent tin container containing the majority of it's original finish. This contains 10 rolls of Maynard tape primers. Nine of them are fully sealed and one is open. The tin tube has two very small dents mentioned for exactness. This is one of the nicer tubes we have had in a long time.

Price: $450.00 Sale Pending!

Z2191    Model 1842 Combination Musket Tool

Description: Nice combination tool with plenty of finish left. This one has an inspector initial of "P" on the neck.

Measures: 3.613"

Price: $75.00

Z2189     US M1842 Combination Musket Tool Manufactured at the Harper's Ferry Armory

Description: Here is an original combination tool manufactured at the Harper's Ferry Armory. It is stamped "US" on one side of the neck and has an inspector mark of "S" on the other side. The arm still swivels freely and this one retains some of the original finish.

Measures: 3.603"

Price: $125.00

Z1946     Original .58 Wooden Tompion (1855 Style)

Description: Nice original wooden tompion. There is a small chip of wood missing from the base on one side. This comes from the collection of author and historian Dean Thomas.

Measures: 2.362" in length

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $40.00 SOLD

Y854     Full Box of .50 Gallager Carbine Cartridges (Paper & Foil) Manufactured by B.C. English of Springfield Massachusetts

Description: Here is a full box of 10 .50 Gallager Carbine cartridges and a packet of 12 percussion caps. This packet was produced by B.C. English of Springfield, Mass. who operated from 1863-1865. This particular box is scarce due to the fact that Gallager is misspelled "Gallagher." Dean Thomas notes that this particular box style is thought to have been from the initial order placed by Schuyler, Hartley, and Graham of New York. You will see a lot of these boxes with the patent date but very few of this particular style exist today.

Measures Approximately 3" x 2.5" x 1.25"

Reference: RBTRF Vol. 2 No. 426

Price: $595.00

Z1788     .44 Starr Revolver Bullet Mold

Description: Here is a very nice Starr revolver mold in very good condition. The handle is nice and hasn't separated from the mold. The handle moves freely and the cavity is pristine. The brass housing in very nice and hasn't been beaten up too badly.

Measures: 5.25" in Length

Price: $325.00

Y651     Original Complete Pack of 10 .58 Paper Civil War Cartridges and Percussion Caps

Description: Very nice original packet of 10 .58 paper cartridges for the Springfield musket. This packet is in very nice condition without any rips, tears, or holes. Inside of the paper packet are 10 .58 cartridges along with a packet of percussion caps. Just as issued. This would make an excellent display piece for any ammo or gun collection.

Measures:    3" x 3"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $875.00

Y743     Empty Box for 20 Remington Rolling Block Hepburn Cartridges by Union Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Description: Here is an empty box that would have originally held 20 .40 cartridges for the Remington Hepburn Rolling block. Based on the label, this box would be pre 1900. The front label is still in excellent shape and has darkened with age. The back still has the original guarantee label. The top of the box doesn't have any split seams. The base of the box does have split seams but the interior pasteboard box is great. This would make an excellent addition to your rolling block collection.

Measures: 2.75" x 2.5" x 1.8"

Price: $75.00

Y752    Empty Box for 10 .50 Gallager Carbine Cartridges (B.C. English / Thomas Poultney)

Description: Here is an empty box that originally contained 10 cartridges and one packet of twelve percussion caps. This pasteboard box was manufactured by B.C. English who manufactured ammunition assigned to Thomas Poultney. This box would have originally contained 10 paper and foil cartridges for the Gallager carbine. This box is fully intact but the two seams towards the back are split. This would look great sitting next to your Gallager carbine.

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $75.00

Y584     Original Complete Pack of 10 .58 Paper Civil War Cartridges and Percussion Caps

Description: Very nice original packet of 10 .58 paper cartridges for the Springfield musket. This packet is in very nice condition without any rips or tears. Inside of the paper packet are 10 .58 cartridges along with a packet of percussion caps. Just as issued. This would make an excellent display piece for any ammo or gun collection.

Measures: 3" x 3"

Price: $875.00

Y582     Complete Full Box of 12mm Pinfire Revolver Cartridges by Charles Fusnot of Brussels, Belgium

Description: Here is an excellent full box of 12mm pinfire cartridges manufactured by Charles Fusnot of Brussels. This box contains (25) 12mm pinfire cartridges packed in the original red sawdust. The printed label is still legible. The seams on the box are sturdy with some slight cracks here and there. If you own a 12mm pinfire revolver, this would definitely enhance your display.

Reference: Reference: RBTRF Vol. 4 No. 948

Price: $395.00

Z1015     Model 1841/1842 Combination Musket Tool (Marked US Produced at the Harper's Ferry Armory)

Description: Here is a very nicely marked combination tool produced at the Harper's Ferry Armory. This is for the Model 1841/42 muskets. Unfortunately the main screwdriver has a very small hairline crack. The main arm moves freely and still retains some of the bluing. This would make an excellent addition to any gun tool collection!

Measures: 3.6"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $65.00

Z1105     Model 1841/1842 Musket Combination Tool

Description: Here is a very nice combination tool that would go well with your Model 1841/42 musket. This piece contains a cone wrench as well as two screwdriver blades. The riveted arm on this piece does move freely. This example is an original and still has some armory finish left!

Measures Approximately 3.5" in Length

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $75.00 SOLD

Z1055     African/Middle Eastern Blunderbuss Project Gun

Description: Here is a very interesting gun. This is a blunderbuss and I would suspect this one to be from Africa or the Middle East. This one is out of the old Cider House Museum in Poughkeepsie, NY. The lock, side plate, trigger guard, and ramrod are all missing from this piece. The large iron barrel measure 16.75" in length. The barrel is full of silver inlay and some of it has come off of the barrel. The ramrod guides and the butt plate all have silver inlay as well. The stock is covered with bone inlay and small brass tacks. The original and hand forged iron trigger is still in place. The barrel is slightly out of round on the end. The stock has a very nice patina and there are a few cracks here and there. We typically don't carry items like this but it came in with several other guns from the same museum. If you like old guns this may be a good candidate for restoration.

Measures: 30" in length

Recovered: Ex Museum Collection

Price: $350.00

Z476     Reproduction Colt Wood Grips

Description: Nice reproduction set of wooden grips for a Colt.

Measures: 3" Tall

Price: $30.00

Z220     Battlefield Pickup Relic French Mle 1886/93

Description: Here is a very nice WWI vintage French Lebel rifle that was picked up in France many moons ago. This piece was brought back and was part of a large group of excavated/pickup relics from France. It is in relic condition. It appears that the barrel is plugged and is probably the reason the gun was discarded. There is still a little bit of the stock remaining. You can clearly see the manufacture date of 1915 near the receiver. There was a little bit of green paint that was dropped on the end of the barrel but it would easily clean off. This would make an excellent gift for the WWI enthusiast or it may look even nicer hanging on your wall.

Measures:  42" x 4.5"

Recovered: France

Price: $135.00


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