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Firearms sold by American Civil War Relics are meant to be collectibles and are not sold as working firearms. Please have your gunsmith check the firearm if you decide to shoot it.



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Z2191    Model 1842 Combination Musket Tool

Description: Nice combination tool with plenty of finish left. This one has an inspector initial of "P" on the neck.

Measures: 3.613"

Price: $75.00

Z2189     US M1842 Combination Musket Tool Manufactured at the Harper's Ferry Armory

Description: Here is an original combination tool manufactured at the Harper's Ferry Armory. It is stamped "US" on one side of the neck and has an inspector mark of "S" on the other side. The arm still swivels freely and this one retains some of the original finish.

Measures: 3.603"

Price: $125.00 SOLD

Y752    Empty Box for 10 .50 Gallager Carbine Cartridges (B.C. English / Thomas Poultney)

Description: Here is an empty box that originally contained 10 cartridges and one packet of twelve percussion caps. This pasteboard box was manufactured by B.C. English who manufactured ammunition assigned to Thomas Poultney. This box would have originally contained 10 paper and foil cartridges for the Gallager carbine. This box is fully intact but the two seams towards the back are split. This would look great sitting next to your Gallager carbine.

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $75.00

Z1015     Model 1841/1842 Combination Musket Tool (Marked US Produced at the Harper's Ferry Armory)

Description: Here is a very nicely marked combination tool produced at the Harper's Ferry Armory. This is for the Model 1841/42 muskets. Unfortunately the main screwdriver has a very small hairline crack. The main arm moves freely and still retains some of the bluing. This would make an excellent addition to any gun tool collection!

Measures: 3.6"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $65.00

Z476     Reproduction Colt Wood Grips

Description: Nice reproduction set of wooden grips for a Colt.

Measures: 3" Tall

Price: $30.00


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