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January 7, 2015


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Z823     Excavated Mid 19th Century Clay Pipe

Description: Nice excavated clay pipe from the Vicksburg area. This pipe represents the typical style that is excavated out of so many privies from the mid 19th century period.

Measures: 4.5" x 2"

Recovered: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $50.00

Z821     Civil War Era Sheared Lip Octagonal Inkwell

Description: Here is a nice sheared lip inkwell. These were typical of the 1860-1870 period. These small ink bottles were blown by the lip and the glass was snapped. This method makes this style appear to be broken around the lip. This one is in great condition and there are plenty of air bubbles in the glass.

Measures: 2 1/8" tall 1 5/8" wide

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $30.00

Z820     Excavated Model 1863 Combination Musket Tool

Description: Here is a nice excavated musket tool that has been cleaned and coated. The metal is still strong on this example.

Measures: 3.25" in Length

Recovered: Champion Hill, Mississippi

Price: $18.00

Z818     .54 U.S. M1841 (Mississippi) Rifle Wiper

Description: Nice excavated musket tool for the Mississippi Rifle. This one is still in good shape and was painted with rust converter years ago.

Measures: 3" in Length

Recovered: Champion Hill, Mississippi

Price: $25.00

Z753     Very Rare Excavated George Washington Perpetual/Mechanical Calendar Medal (1858)

Description: Here is a very rare perpetual calendar. The face portrays George Washington standing on the battlefield. The front reads, "Born Feb. 22, 1732 Died December 14, 1779." The edge is reeded and the back has a spinning calendar that no longer works. The outer rim is labeled Monday through Sunday and the inner dial goes from 1 to 31 days. Non excavated examples of this medal bring over $400.00 each. There is still some gilt on the back around the weekdays that could be cleaned up a little better.

Measures: 37mm in diameter

Recovered: Fairfax County Virginia Collection

Price: $175.00

Published in the Supplement of Howard Crouch's Relic Hunter

Z681     Excavated/Unstamped Civil War ID Disc "Against Rebellion 1861"

Description: Here is an early dug ID disc out of Phil Dean's collection. This one has the shield on one side with union across the ribbon and the stars and stripes above. It is flanked on the edges by "Against / Rebellion" with "1861" on the bottom. The other side is blank and is unpunched. There is a small hole on the top where a ring would have been at one time. This piece has quite a bit of corrosion on the face but is better than the pictures show.

Measures: 29.6mm

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $225.00

M6     Lot of Two US Buckle Hooks for the 1839 Pattern U.S. Belt Plate

Description: Here is a nice set of two different buckle hook sets for the regulation 1839 pattern belt plates. These hooks would have been soldered onto the back of the brass face and then covered over with lead solder. Both of these are great examples and the one on the left appears to have a field repair.

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $50.00 Sale $40.00

M4     Shield Shaped Relic Plaque with Thirty Civil War Relics

Description: Here is another nice shield shaped plaque. This one includes 30 relics from the American Civil War. All of these pieces were dug by Phillip Dean in the early 1970's and he mounted them on this plaque. Phil couldn't remember where these relics were dug but it's a neat plaque non the less. There are two holes on the back so you can insert eyelets and wire to hang this piece up. On this board there are 7 Confederate Gardner bullets, 1 Chewed Bullet, 6 Fired Bullets, 1 Brass Ring, 1 .69 Musketball, and 14 Three Ringers. Two of the three ringers have the star cavity. This is a great piece of folk art and would look great hanging in any relic room.

Measures: 9.5" x 8"

Recovered: Unknown, 1970's by Phil Dean

Price: $75.00

M5     Excavated Cartridge Box Tin

Description: Here is an interesting relic that you don't dig anymore. This is a complete cartridge box tin for the .58 cartridge box. This one is a little rusty but still intact. These are the types of items the old diggers used to throw away and they are almost impossible to dig intact today.

Measures: 5" x 5.5"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $30.00 Sale $24.00

Z555     Brass Percussion Fuse Hulls

Description: Here are four Hotchkiss and Schenkl percussion fuses that have had the tops blown off. All of these came of an old display and they have glue on them. All of them were recovered from the Vicksburg, Mississippi area. You could still place a cleaned slider inside of these.

Recovered: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $25.00 Each (Qty. Avail 3)

Z539     Shipwreck Recovered Grouping of Spencer Carbine Cartridges etc.

Description: Here is an excellent relic from the American Civil War. This is a very large concretion recovered from an underwater shipwreck. This one has a ton of Spencer Carbine bullets attached to it. It also has a bayonet scabbard tip attached to the end. You can clearly see where a 24lb. spherical cannonball was resting on the left side of this piece. There are 25+ Spencer cartridges hanging out of this piece at all different angles. This would easily be a great centerpiece for any bullet collection. This piece is quite stable but it must be picked up or delivered to a show.

Measures Approximately 13" x 8"

Weight: 13lbs. 5oz.

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $595.00

Z502     Spent Artillery Friction Primers

Description: These friction primers were placed in the touch hole of a field gun. They had a stem sticking out that would have attached to a lanyard. When pulled, the friction would cause the primer to ignite the powder charge in the breech of the cannon. These are commonly dug in cannon emplacements up and down the east coast.

Recovered: Central Mississippi

Price: $15.00 Each (Qty. Available: 2)

Z358     Excavated Combination Knife/Spoon Utensil

Description: Nice excavated knife and spoon combination eating utensil. This would look great in a personal effects display.

Measures: 4.5" long

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $30.00

Z354     Excavated Iron Cartridge Box Loops

Description: Here is a relic that you just don't see that often. Most of the time these loops are inside of the lead or they are rusted beyond recognition.

Recovered: Cold Harbor, Va. John Graham Collection

Price: $20.00

Z353     Excavated Carpet Bag

Description: Here is a relic that you just don't see everyday. There are a ton of pieces of these excavated from campsites but you would have to find an untouched camp today to dig one of these. This one has the side bars and the interior brace bar. If you like personal relics this one is for you. These pieces are 100 times rarer than your common US plate!

Recovered: US Camp in Stafford, Virginia. Ex. John Graham Collection

Price: $125.00 Sale Pending!

Z312     Small Regimental No. 1

Description: Nice excavated regimental number with the loop still on the back.

Measures: 17.3mm x 10mm

Recovered: Wilmington NC Area

Price: $50.00

Z201     Federal Style "U.S" Bit Boss

Description: Here is a very nice excavated US bit boss. Two of these were attached to the model 1895 curb bit. There would have been one on each side near the cheek area of the horse's head. This example has the stippled background and the square period between the "U" and the "S." This example is in great shape and isn't bent. It has a pleasing brown patina and would make an excellent addition to any excavated relic collection.

Measures: 2" x 1.25

Recovered: Unknown

Reference: Howard Crouch "Civil War Artifacts" Pg. 130

Price: $50.00 Sale $40.00


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