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Updated March 12, 2018


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Z1703     Excavated Gold Plated Ring

Description: We have four of these available with gold plating on the inside. Two of them are marked 18K. These were found in various sites between Central Mississippi, Vicksburg, Shiloh, and Clinton. They could be civilian or perhaps lost by a soldier. We will never know.

Recovered: Misc. Sites

Price: $25.00 Each The two marked 18K have sold

Z1674     Excavated Gun Lock

Description: Nice excavated gun lock that has been cleaned and coated. This piece appears to be a shotgun lock by the looks of it. The internal mechanism is still attached to the back.

Measures: 2.5" x 5"

Recovered: Sailor's Creek Battlefield

Price: $35.00

Z1428     Excavated .69 Ball Wiper

Description: Very nice excavated variant of a .69 ball wiper. This one has been cleaned and coated.

Measures: 1.449"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $25.00

Z1427     Excavated .69 Ball Wiper

Description: Nice excavated .69 wiper for a musket. This one has been cleaned and coated.

Measures: .966"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $20.00

Z1421     Excavated Colt Revolver Combination "L" Tool

Description: Nice excavated tool that has been cleaned and coated. This one employed a screwdriver on one end and a cone wrench on the other.

Measures: 1.5" x 3"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $25.00

Z1419     Excavated Combination Wiper and Ball Screw for a .69 Musket

Description: Here is a nice excavated combination screw and worm. This one has a large brass base without any markings. This variant has been cleaned and coated.

Measures: .676" x 1.5"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $35.00

Z1216     Excavated Model 1816 Friction Bayonet

Description: Here is a very well preserved Model 1816 friction bayonet. This one has your typical T mortis where the front sight would lock into. There is a flute on the bottom of the blade that measures almost 9" in length. The blade is slightly wavy towards the end and it's been cleaned and coated.

Measures: 18.5"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $95.00

Z1079     Excavated Model 1833 Brass Stirrup for the Grimsley Artillery Driver's Saddle

Description: Here is a very nice brass stirrup for the Grimsley artillery saddle. This one has the opening of 1.5" which is thought to be for the artillery saddle rather than the Dragoon saddle with a 1.35" opening. This one is in very nice condition! The tread is stippled and unbent. Most excavated examples I have seen have bent treads from heavy use. This particular stirrup was in use as you can clearly see wear on certain parts if you look closely. This would make a great addition to any Cavalry or Artillery collection!

Measures: 5" x 6.25"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $175.00 SOLD

Z960     Excavated Iron Buttplate for Musket

Description: Here is a very nice excavated iron buttplate for a musket. This one is missing the screws as it typical for excavated examples. The iron is really strong on this example and it would clean up nicely.

Measures: 2.5" x 4.5"

Recovered:  Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $40.00 Sale $32.00

Z823     Excavated Mid 19th Century Clay Pipe

Description: Nice excavated clay pipe from the Vicksburg area. This pipe represents the typical style that is excavated out of so many privies from the mid 19th century period.

Measures: 4.5" x 2"

Recovered: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $50.00 Sale $40.00 SOLD

Z821     Civil War Era Sheared Lip Octagonal Inkwell

Description: Here is a nice sheared lip inkwell. These were typical of the 1860-1870 period. These small ink bottles were blown by the lip and the glass was snapped. This method makes this style appear to be broken around the lip. This one is in great condition and there are plenty of air bubbles in the glass.

Measures: 2 1/8" tall 1 5/8" wide

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $30.00 Sale $24.00

M5     Excavated Cartridge Box Tin

Description: Here is an interesting relic that you don't dig anymore. This is a complete cartridge box tin for the .58 cartridge box. This one is a little rusty but still intact. These are the types of items the old diggers used to throw away and they are almost impossible to dig intact today.

Measures: 5" x 5.5"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $30.00 Sale $21.00

Z502     Spent Artillery Friction Primers

Description: These friction primers were placed in the touch hole of a field gun. They had a stem sticking out that would have attached to a lanyard. When pulled, the friction would cause the primer to ignite the powder charge in the breech of the cannon. These are commonly dug in cannon emplacements up and down the east coast.

Recovered: Central Mississippi

Price: $15.00 Each (Qty. Available: 2)


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