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Z2876     Excavated Lock for a M1873 / M1884 .45/70 Trapdoor Springfield Carbine

Description: Here is an excavated lock with verbal provenance to Arizona. This piece is in exceptional condition and still retains the carbine sling bar and "O" ring. While not completely visible, you can see a few of the letters of "Springfield" if you look closely. This lock has the M73 Type III Hammer present.

Measures: 5.5" x 3" x 2.5"

Recovered: Arizona

Price: $85.00

Z2754     Philippine Insurrection Medal for Army Personnel Numbered M.No. 6018

Description: Nice medal for Army personnel who participated in the Philippine Insurrection. This one is dated M.No. 6018. The ribbon is missing from this example and the top loop is broken.

Measures: 32.92 mm in diameter

Reference: Strandbert & Bender Pg. 282

Price: $85.00

Z2747     State of New York Militia Waist Belt Plate Ca. 1885-1900

Description: Nice buckle with original plate remaining. The tongue and keeper bar are still present and the plate retains its original curvature. The keeper bar has a slight bend near the bottom. Nice buckle with script letters "SNY."

Measures: 55 mm x 74 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell Plate 868

Price: $65.00

Z2073     New York National Guard Coatee ID'd to a J.W. COONEY Co. E. 107th Infantry

Description: Here is a nice militia coatee identified to a J.W. Cooney Co. E. 107th Infantry. As you can see, the outside of the wool uniform is in great shape. This coat still retains it's manufacturer tab and there is an ID tag sewn into the back of the collar that reads, "No. 64 / Co. E 107th INF. / Name J.W. Cooney." This jacket would post date the civil war. One button is missing from the lower portion of the front right chest panel. All the other buttons appear to be intact. All exterior stitching appears to be tight with the exception of the collar. There is some fraying and the collar tabs corners are loose. There is one smudge on the right cuff and there is a small cut in the fabric on the back panel near the right armpit area. The inside shows honest use with soiling throughout. Some of the interior cover has been repaired at some point. Devlin & Co. was in business until 1896.

Button Backmarks: A. SCOVILL MFG CO / WATERBURY and DEVLIN & CO / N.Y. / 7th REGT. / STANDARD

Manufacturer: Devlin & Co. New York

Price: $695.00

Z2577     Cabinet Card Featuring a Massachusetts Soldier with a M.V.M. Marksmanship Pin

Description: Nice late Indian War era cabinet card of a Massachusetts soldier wearing a marksmanship pin. You can clearly see all the Massachusetts buttons on his uniform. This was taken by W.C. Thompson of Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1890. This photo comes with an M.V.M. marksmanship Pin like the one in the picture. The pin is not the exact one in the picture but is an original.

Measures: 4.25" x 6.5"

Price: $125.00

Z2578      Late Indian War / Spanish American War Artillery Officer's Belt with Buckle & Sword Hanger

Description: Here is a nice leather belt with tight stitching. This would date to the late Indian War era through the Spanish American War era. The gilted waist belt plate is intact as is the outer red and gold embroidered ribbing.

Measures: 35" in length, The longest hanger measures 20"

Buckle Measures: 53 mm x 76 mm

Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, Exact Die Pattern is not listed

Price: $350.00

Z2494     Excellent "Remember the Maine" Pin & Folk Art Ribbon (February 15, 1898)

Description: Here is an excellent folk art ribbon and pin combination to remember the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine which sank in Havana Harbor killing 268 men. This particular group contains a pin and needle with a small disc that reads, "Remember the Maine" on the face and "Cuba Must Be Free" on the back. The neat thing about this piece is it's stuck through a decorative ribbon. The ribbon has a small US flag on the top and a hand drawn picture of the main in the middle. The flag and picture are sewn into the red, white, and blue ribbon. Not only is this a great remembrance piece, it also has that turn of the century folk art appeal!

Measures: 6.25" folded and approximately 9" unfolded

Price: $225.00

Z2311     Nice Albumen of Fuller's Battery in Bennington, Vermont 1886

Description: Nice horizontal albumen of Col. Fuller's Battery of Vermont. They are all surrounding a cannon in the middle and Col. Fuller appears to be facing left while everyone else is looking at the camera. The back reads, "Fuller Battery / papa 19 yrs. old. / Bennington, Vt. 1886." There is an X drawn on the front of the photo far left next to a musician. I am assuming this man is "papa." Great piece with a little fading!

Measures: 5.25" x 9.5"

Price: $150.00

Z2019     Indian War Era Militia Waist Belt Plate (F) Circa 1875

Description: Here is militia style waist belt plate with a silver-nickel "F" attached to the face. This style is pictured in the buckle book listed below. This particular example has wider tongue and a single attachment hole on the top and bottom for the letter.

Measures: 55mm x 73mm

Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell Plate No. 824 variant

Price: $95.00

Z2013     Model 1881 Enlistedman's Infantry Dress Helmet Eagle Plate

Description: Here is a one-piece eagle hat plate plate for Enlistedmen. This piece still retains the original shape of a dress helmet as well as the three attachment loops on the reverse. The nickel-silver company "C" is missing from the face but the faint outline is still there. The only issue this plate has is the tips of the arrows are missing.

Measures: 4" x 4.5"

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $50.00

Z2010     Excavated Model 1872 Infantry Shako Eagle Plate

Description: Here is a very nice excavated 1872 shako eagle plate in excavated condition. This one still retains both of the attachment pins on the reverse. There are two small breaks in the insignia near the eagle's beak and across the top ribbon. There is a larger size eagle plate of this pattern that was used on the M1872 Cavalry helmets.

Measures: 1.5" x 1.75"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $75.00

Z2009     71st New York National Guard Shako Hat Plate

Description: Here is a nicely gilted shako hat plate for the 71st New York National Guard. This plate still retains it's original curvature and the numbers affixed to the face. There are two original attachment loops soldered onto the back, while two others are missing.

Measures: 3.5" x 4"

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $85.00

Z2007     Militia Shoulder Belt Plate for the Second Regiment or Company (Circa 1875-1890)

Description: Very nice militia style shoulder belt plate with a "2" affixed to the front. This one still retains all three keepers and the attachment pin on the back. The attachment pin is intact although it is slightly bent.

Backmark: None

Measures: 58 mm x 84 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell Plate No. 791 (No. 2)

Price: $75.00

Z1900     Pre WW1 First (1st) Artillery Insignia

Description: Here is 1st Artillery hat insignia. This one is die struck brass that was filled with lead solder. It has a number "1" on the top and an "A" on the bottom. The attachment bar is slightly bent on this example.

Measures: 1.75" x 2"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $25.00

Z1899     Pre WW1 First (1st) Artillery Insignia

Description: Here is 1st Artillery hat insignia. This one is die struck brass that was filled with lead solder. It has a number "1" on the top and an "A" on the bottom. The attachment bar is slightly bent on this example.

Measures: 1.75" x 2"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $25.00

Z1861     National Guard of Pennsylvania Marksman's Badge

Description: This is the disc portion for a marksman's badge. This style was used from the 1890's through the first decade of the 20th century.

Measures: 30 mm

Price: $15.00

Z1824     Massachusetts National Guard Nine Years of Service Medal

Description: Here is a very nice badge that still  has the white ribbon attached. This particular badge was issued around WWI and would have been given to who served from the Spanish American War through WWI.

Backmark: "2528"

Measures: 1.5" x 3.25"

Recovered: Unissued

Price: $45.00

Z1823    Massachusetts Volunteer Militia "MVM" Marksmanship Badge 1895

Description: Here is a very nice unissued MVM marksman badge from 1895. These were made to hold up to three different bullets with the years of competition. This one only has the bullet marked 1895.


Measures: 1 1/4" in length

Recovered: Unissued

Price: $40.00

Z1418     Lot of Three Post Civil War Ohio State Seal Buttons

Description:  Here is a lot of three different Ohio state seal buttons. These were manufactured after the Civil War. One coat button and one cuff button have tin backs. The other cuff button has a brass back with the Pettibone backmark.

Backmark: Pettibone Mfg. Co. Cin

Measures: 22.42mm Coat and 15.46mm Cuffs

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $30.00

Z1404     Lot of Five Wisconsin State Seal Coat Buttons (Indian War Era)

Description: Here is a nice lot of five Wisconsin state seal buttons. These are nice buttons and are from the Indian War period.

Backmark: "SCOVILL MF'G CO. / WATERBURY" dm with inner ring of dots.

Measures: 22.57mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $60.00

Z1403     Lot of Fifteen Marine Corps Buttons (1880's -1940's)

Description: Here is a large lot of Marine Corps buttons. The backmarks on these examples range from 1880 to the 1940s. There are several different die patterns and backmarks in this grouping.

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $75.00

Z1394     Virginia Military Institute Cadet Button (Spear Touching Bottom of D) D. Evans

Description: Nice button with the stand up shank intact. These buttons are thought to date to the post war era. There are very few known excavated examples unlike the Robinson backmarked examples which are dug in period sites.

Backmark: "D. EVANS & CO. / ATTLEBORO" dm on a ribbon with flower, inscription runs counter clockwise

Measures: 20.92mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert SU408, not listed, Tice VAS294D2.

Price: $55.00

Z1390     Federal Infantry Eagle "I" Coat Button (Indian War Era)

Description: Nicely gilted button with stand up shank intact.

Backmark: "SCOVILL MF'G CO. / WATERBURY" dm inner ring of dots.

Measures: 22.69mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $20.00

Z1388     New Hampshire State Seal Coat Button (Indian War Era)

Description: Nice button with a stand up shank.

Backmark: "SCOVILL MFG CO /*WATERBURY*" dm solid ring and dotted ring

Measures: 22.78 mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: Albert NH7, Tice Unlisted

Price: $20.00

Z1386     Federal Infantry Eagle "I" Coat Button (Indian War Era)

Description: Nicely gilted button with stand up shank intact.

Backmark: "SCOVILL MF'G CO. / WATERBURY" dm inner ring of dots.

Measures: 22.69mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $20.00

Z1294     Federal Eagle "I" Infantry Coat Button (Indian War Era)

Description: Very nice button with plenty of gilt. This one is slightly postwar and the stand up shank is intact!

Backmark: "WATERBURY BUTTON CO. / (star) (star) / WATERBURY / (graphic) CONN (graphic) " dm, two middle rings

Measures: 22.75mm

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $20.00

Z628     Ohio State Seal Staff Button (Indian War Era

Description: Here is a very nice Ohio state seal staff officers button. This one has the sun coming over the mountains with the plow in front of the sheaf of wheat with the bundle of five arrows. This two piece button was made for Pettibone Manufacturing Company and was sold by them. They were a dealer in very fancy military goods and you have probably seen several belt rigs and swords made by them for officers. This would be the later style of button that is missing the boat on the front.

Backmark: "(dot) PETTIBONE MFG CO (dot) / CINCINNATI" dm with inner ring of dots

Measures: 22.62mm

Recovered: Non Dug Example

Price: $20.00

Z400    1874 Palmer Infantry Brace Yoke (Watervliet Arsenal Produced)

Description: Here is a pretty nice infantry piece from the 1870's. This is the Palmer Infantry Brace that attached to the Model 1874 belt. This was meant to place some of the weight of the equipment on the shoulders and back rather than the waist alone. The 1874 belt would have held two McKeever cartridge boxes and a bayonet. The two rear straps would have held the haversack and clothing bag. This example is very nice. The leather has some crazing but nothing like the ones I have seen. The leather is supple and the inspector's marking is clear. This would be a great addition to any Indian War collection and would look great holding the belt and cartridge boxes.

Markings: "Watervliet Arsenal" Inspected By: A.R. Smith

Measures: 36" in Length

Price: $195.00 Sale $133.00

Z68     New York State Seal Button (Indian War Period)

Description: Nice non dug New York coat button. This is the post war type with the wider rim. This is probably from a NYSM coat.

Measures: 23mm

Backmark: "*SCOVILL MF'G Co */ WATERBURY" dm inner ring of dots.

Price: $15.00 Sale $10.00 Sale Pending!


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