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Updated June 21, 2018


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Z2051     M.V.M. Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Expert Marksmanship Medal by the Hayes Bros. Co. 1909-1912

Description: Here is  a highly gilted marksmanship medal manufactured by the Hayes Bros. Co. for the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. This expert medal still retains the bars from 1909-1912 which is quite uncommon.

Backmark: The Hayes Bros. Co.

Measures: 3.25" x 2"

Price: $75.00

Z2049     WWI 28th PNG Pennsylvania Guard Victory Medal and Ribbons in Original Box

Description: Nice original medal still wrapped up and in N.O.S. condition. This one still contains the original medal, ribbons, box, envelope, and wrapping paper.

Box Measures Approximately 2" x 4"

Price: $20.00

Z2018   Pre-WW1 Model 1878 Infantry Canteen as Manufactured by Rock Island Arsenal in 1906

Description: Here is a great Model 1878 pattern canteen with the leather strap. This one has clear markings and a date of 1906 on the front. I don't believe this strap is original to this piece but it's correct for the M1878 version. However, this particular canteen has the indented back which started after 1900.

Price: $150.00 SOLD

Z1905     WW1 Era US Navy Buckle (False Two-Piece)

Description: Here is a nice WW1 era US Navy buckle. This example has the eagle looking up and to the right instead of the left. As you can see this is a false two piece buckle that would have had a catch mounted on the other side of the belt.

Backmark: V-21-N

Measures: 2" x 2.75"

Price: $35.00

Z523     Model 1910 Canteen (1918 Set) (Cover: Rock Island Arsenal/ Canteen & Cup: AGM Co. 1918)

Description: Here is an excellent set all marked 1918. The cover is a R.I.A. 1918 Pattern and you can still see the inspector's mark on the left interior ear. There is a small hole in the cover that you can see in picture No. 3 that is right on the seam. There is also a very small spot on the cover about 1.5" up from the "S." These are unnoticeable but mentioned for exactness. The inside is flawless and still lined with felt with no holes, cuts, or tears. Both snaps still work and have the full finish in place. The canteen itself is minty. The welded seams are great and the canteen still has the original frosting on it with wear where the snaps touch. It is marked, " US / AGM Co 1918." The welded neck ring, chain, and top pin all still have their original finish. The cup is in excellent shape and is also marked, "US / AGM Co / 1918." It appears to have the original wash with some corrosion where the folding handle has been sitting on it which is typical of this style. There are no dents or dings to the canteen or cup. These are becoming increasingly hard to find in this condition. This perfect all matching set would look great in your military collection.

Measures: 8" x 5.5" x 3.5"

Recovered: Surplus Stock

Price: $165.00 SOLD

Z454     U.S. Marked Mess Knives WWI-WWII Era

Description: U.S. army mess knives. We haven't quite been able to put a date on these as they don't match up with any documented model number. All of them still have traces of the nickel plating. Each one has the "U.S." stamped into the handle. They were manufactured using a two part process. The blade is added to the handle and then soldered. Judging by the design I would say these were probably produced in the WWI Era but could possibly be earlier. I bet you probably don't have one of these in your mess gear collection.

Marked: "US"

Measures: 7.75" in Length

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $15.00 Each (Qty. Available 3)

Z428     Rare First Model LP08 32 Round Clip for the German Artillery Luger.

Here is an excellent and very rare dug item. This is an excavated 32 trommel magazine for the WWI German artillery Luger or Luger Carbine. Most of these are found in unissued condition. Here is an actual war used piece. The housing plate is gone exposing the spring and crank. These are very expensive in non dug condition. This would make an excellent addition to your WWI German Luger collection!

Measures: 5" x 3.75"

Recovered: France

Price: $125.00

Z220     Battlefield Pickup Relic French Mle 1886/93

Description: Here is a very nice WWI vintage French Lebel rifle that was picked up in France many moons ago. This piece was brought back and was part of a large group of excavated/pickup relics from France. It is in relic condition. It appears that the barrel is plugged and is probably the reason the gun was discarded. There is still a little bit of the stock remaining. You can clearly see the manufacture date of 1915 near the receiver. There was a little bit of green paint that was dropped on the end of the barrel but it would easily clean off. This would make an excellent gift for the WWI enthusiast or it may look even nicer hanging on your wall.

Measures:  42" x 4.5"

Recovered: France

Price: $135.00


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