Y1102     Full, Complete, and Correct Box of 20 .45-60 W.C.F. Winchester Central Fire Cartridges

Description: Here is a nice box of 20 .45-60 W.C.F. cartridges. This box dates to 1880. The caliber and powder call-out are not in block letters. There is a small piece of the label missing from the top. One lid seam was split and has been glued. All the cartridges do not have the headstamp. All the cartridges but three are excellent. Three of them have powder burn. There is also one small spot on the side corner that is bumped but mentioned for exactness. This is a buff style box with some age and soiling. This cartridge would have been used in the Winchester Model 1876 and Model 1885.

Measures:    6.25" x 1.25" x 2.25"

Reference: Giles & Shuey Pg. 81 Top

Price: $495.00



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