Y1145     Box of 20 Cartridge for .38-55 Ballard / Marlin / & Winchester Single Shot Rifles by U.M.C. (Union Metallic Cartridge Company) in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Description: Here is a very nice box containing 20 .38-55 cartridges for Ballard and Marlin Rifles. These cartridges can also be used in the Winchester single shot rifles. The box is full and correct and the ammunition is excellent. The top left seam is split and there is a little nick on the front right corner. Other than that it's an excellent box. There are two advertising stickers on this box "FROM THE SPORTSMEN'S WAREHOUSE / EDWARD ANSCHUTZ 206 SOUTH THIRD ST. / PHILADELPHIA." These boxes from the late 1800's are scarce in this condition.

Measures:    5" x 2.75" x 1.25"

Price: $295.00


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