Y1209     .50-70 Rodman-Crispin Cartridge Manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal

Description: Here is a near pristine example of this cartridge. These were made under the Rodman-Crispin patent No. 40,988 of December 15, 1863. During the Civil War this patent was assigned to Thomas Poultney. Logan states that, "about 2000 of these cartridges were made in January and February, 1872 at the Frankford Arsenal." I think there were more made than stated but they are still a rare cartridge. The majority of those I have seen on the market are dented which is common due to the thin wrapped sheet brass used on the cartridge. This example is virtually undented and there is plating on the steel base.

Measures:    OAL 2.302"   CL 1.869"

Reference: Logan Pg. 98

Price: $250.00


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