Y1253     Empty Box for 10 .52 Sharps Rifle Cartridges and 12 Caps

Description: Here is a very nice original two-piece box for 10 cartridges and 12 caps produced by the Sharps' Rifle Manufacturing Co. of Hartford, Connecticut. This box is very nice considering its age. They top is very nice and clear and the box has very light soiling. The label reads, "10 CARTRIDGES, / 12 CAPS, / FOR SHARPS' IMPROVED RIFLE. / 52/100 CALIBRE. / A SUPERIOR QUALITY OF POWDER IS USED, MADE MY A. G. FAY, POTTER & TOLMAN, BOSTON, MASS. / ADDRESS / SHARPS' RIFLE MANUFACTURING CO., / HARTFORD, CT.." The seams were cut on three sides of the box with the back still intact. The tope right corner seam on this example is split. All other corners are intact. This packet was purchased directly from the author Terry White in April of 1994 by the previous collector.

Measures:    2.957" x 2.265" x 1.134"

Reference: Malloy, Thomas, and White Pg. 48 Figure 188

Price: $250.00


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