Y1262     Excellent Unopened Packet of Six Seamless Skin Cartridges by D.C. Sage & Co. (Julius Hotchkiss' Patent, Feb. 11th, 1862)

Description: Here is an excellent packet of 6 .36 seamless skin cartridges for Colt belt revolvers manufactured by D.C. Sage & Co. of Middletown, Connecticut. This example has very light soiling and the pull string is intact. The desirable 1862 patent information is on the bottom of the packet. This piece is constructed of a wooden block wrapped in paper. The label reads, "SIX SEAMLESS SKIN / CARTRIDGES, / FOR COLT'S / BELT REVOLVERS, OF 36/100 CALIBER, IMPERVIOUS TO DAMPNESS / MANUFACTURED BY / D.C SAGE & CO. / MIDDLETOWN, CONN, USA / JULIUS HOTCHKISS' PATENT, FEB. 11TH, 1862. This piece was purchased from Jack Lewis in October of 1987.

Measures:    2.746" x 1.532" x .477"

Reference: Malloy, Thomas, and White. Pg. 38 Figure 145

Price: $550.00


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