Y1263     Full Packet of Poultney's Metallic Cartridges for Smith's Breech-Loading Carbine

Description: Here is a very nice packet of 10 cartridges and 12 caps for the Smith breech-loading carbine. This box exhibits light soiling and there is a blue stain on the bottom. The sides and bottom still show a considerable amount of lacquer finish. The pull string is intact but the tip has been cut off on the edge of the box. The label reads, "10 / POULTNEY'S PATENT METALLIC / CARTRIDGES, / PATENTED DEC. 15TH, 1863 12 CAPS / FOR / SMITH'S BREECH LOADING / CARBINE. / NO. 1. 10-100 CALIBER. / ADDRESS, POULTNEY & TRIMBLE, BALTIMORE, MD." These cartridges were produced by B.C. English as well as Poultney.

Measures:   3.33" x 2.14" x 1.39"

Reference: Malloy, Thomas, and White Pg. 57 Figure 208

Price: $950.00


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