Y365     Frankford Arsenal 20 Gauge Forager Cartridge (Headstamped F / 11 / 97 / No 20)

Description: Here is a very nice tinned cartridge for the 20 Ga. Forager. These cartridges were issued in boxes of ten. This particular one was manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal and is heasdstamped F 11 97 No. 20 showing it was produced in November of 1897. This excavated cartridge is in excellent shape and still has a perfectly round casing. When shipped, these cartridges were empty. It was up to the soldiers to fill them with shot. While there are some non excavated examples out there on the market, dug examples are extremely hard to find in good condition!

Measures: 2.5" in length

Recovered: Southwestern U.S.

Price: $85.00


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