Y777     Rare Full Packet of .56/60 Spencer Cartridges for the M1865 Spencer Carbine (Joseph Goldmark)

Description: Here is a scarce packet of ammunition. This paper packet contains six sleeves of seven cartridges for the Model 1865 Spencer Carbine. These packets are scarce because the sleeves and packets are wrapped in paper unlike the pasteboard boxes used by Goldmark's competitors. This packet does have some holes around the edges which is quite common for Goldmark packets. There is a tear on the back which can be opened revealing the internal paper sleeves. This box contains an original paper label that reads, "Forty-Two / Metallic Primed Cartridges / For / Spencer Carbine, / CAL. 50, Model 1865. / Made by J. Goldmark, New York, / Manufacturer of / Percussion Caps & Fixed Ammunition."

Reference: RBTRF Vol. II No. 679

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $550.00


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