Y814     Wooden Box Containing (18) .50-45 Benet Primed Cadet/Carbine Cartridges

Description: Here is something you don't see everyday. This is an original wooden block packet containing 18 .50-45 Benet primed cartridges for the .50 carbine. This box has a removable top. There is an interior slot bored out for every cartridge. The top of the lid is bored out to accept the cartridge heads. This piece was originally packed with a string running around the edge covered by paper. To open the packet, one would pull on the string. This block is similar to those used in the Frazier's cartridge boxes but the top is not angled. The box is solid with a slight crack in the top section. This piece is unique and must have been made at an Arsenal. I haven't been able to find much about this packet either. A unique and rare piece!

Measures:    L 6 3/8" W 1 3/8" H 1 7/8"

Price: $495.00



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