Z1055     African/Middle Eastern Blunderbuss Project Gun

Description: Here is a very interesting gun. This is a blunderbuss and I would suspect this one to be from Africa or the Middle East. This one is out of the old Cider House Museum in Poughkeepsie, NY. The lock, side plate, trigger guard, and ramrod are all missing from this piece. The large iron barrel measure 16.75" in length. The barrel is full of silver inlay and some of it has come off of the barrel. The ramrod guides and the butt plate all have silver inlay as well. The stock is covered with bone inlay and small brass tacks. The original and hand forged iron trigger is still in place. The barrel is slightly out of round on the end. The stock has a very nice patina and there are a few cracks here and there. We typically don't carry items like this but it came in with several other guns from the same museum. If you like old guns this may be a good candidate for restoration.

Measures: 30" in length

Recovered: Ex Museum Collection

Price: $350.00


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