Z1253     Original Sleeve of Seven .56/50 Spencer Cartridge for the Model 1865 Spencer Carbine by J. Goldmark

Description: Here is a pretty rare offering. This is an original sleeve of 7  .56/50 Spencer carbine cartridge. This particular set will also come with an original label from the entire wrapped packet of 42 cartridges. Jacob Goldmark cartridges were not known for their quality. Hence, the government recalled thousands of cases of them which were destroyed. Another quality which makes this set rare is the fact that J. Goldmark cartridges weren't cased in pressed paperboard sleeves. They were wrapped in paper and folded over. Each one of these cartridges is stamped J.G. for Jacob Goldmark. This little set would make a great addition to any cartridge collection!

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $175.00


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