Z1320     Excavated Remains of a Federal Kepi

Description: Here is something that you just don't find every day. This is the excavated remains of a Federal kepi. These items were recovered on the Pearson Farm outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia. This farm became known as the "Slaughter Pen." All of these items were recovered in a small vicinity by Dee Stonelake in 1978. Dee was the wife of Ron Stonelake who kept meticulous records. All of the items are marked F-436. This lot includes an Infantry bugle, two kepi eagle buttons, a company letter I, and a kepi chin buckle. The bugle is slightly wavy and still retains one of the original attachment loops. This grouping was recovered near where Route 2 and the Pearson Farm road intersect. There is a hand drawn map included with the items.

Recovered: Pearson Farm near Fredericksburg, Virginia by Dee Stonelake on November 6, 1978. (Slaughter Pen)

Price: $295.00


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