Z1633     Federal 2.9" Solid Flat Top Bolt for a 10lb Parrott Rifle (Type III Sabot)

Description: Very nice minty flat top bolt for the 10lb. Parrott rifle. This unfired example has been cleaned and coated for your enjoyment. It could almost pass for a non excavated example as you can see lathe marks on the side of the body near the base. The brass sabot is in excellent condition and you can see where the sprue was chiseled off of the nose. While the exact provenance on this example is unknown, the majority of them are recovered from Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Measures: 2.86" x 6.63"

Recovered: Unknown

Reference: Dickey & George, Field Artillery, (1993 Edition), Pg. 222

Price: $695.00


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