Z1708     Federal Three Inch Type I Dyer "Case-Shot"

Description: Here is an excavated Federal 3" Dyer "Case-Shot" that was recovered on the Western part of the Shepherdstown battlefield. This battle was the last encounter of the Maryland 1862 campaign. This particular shell has a lead cupped sabot with four flame grooves. The grooves would allow the initial flame to reach the paper time fuse, which would ultimately reach the powder charge, exploding the shell. This shell is full of lead case-shot balls. Upon exploding the iron walls would shatter raining down fragments of varying sizes as well as lead case-shot. This style of shell employed a zinc time fuse adaptor which would have held a paper time fuse within the center of the hole. This particular shell would have been fired from Ferry Hill (Home of Henry Kyd Douglas's Father) by one of the batteries under Gen. Alfred Pleasonton. He was in charge of Batteries B&L, 2nd US Artillery and Battery A, 2nd US Artillery.

Measures: 2.94" x 7"

Recovered: Battle of Shepherdstown, Va. (Now West Virginia) September 19-20, 1862

Reference: Dickey & George, Field Artillery, (1993 Edition), Pg. 145

Price: $475.00


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