Z1775     Scarce Silvered Tin Volunteer Militia Cap Plate (1820-1835)

Description: Here is a scarce example of a tinned Militia Cap Plate. Unlike the more common brass version, this piece is made of stamped tin covered in silver. There are two solder marks on the back that would have originally held the attachment loops. There is a small tapered tin pipe soldered to the back of the plate. This would have originally held a plume of feathers or pompon.  These tin examples are typically less detailed. You can clearly see there are several cracks in the metal where the higher portions of the pattern rise up.

Measures: 5" x 6.5"

Recovered: Non Excavated

Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell, American Military Headgear Insignia, Figure 610 (tinned version)

Price: $250.00 SOLD


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