Z1782     Original Brass Working Die for New York City Guard Militia Insignia/Plate

Description: Here is an original working die for some sort of insignia/plate/etc.. This die is made from a piece of solid brass. The main female die is stamped into a brass ingot with posts on the back. This created a working die that could be used, melted, and remade rather than destroying the main die. The brass knobs on the back helped to fasten the die to the top of the press (fly press or screw press). A thin piece of brass was laid over a plate of lead. Once the die came down, the soft lead backing and pressure would assist in shaping the stamped brass item. The edges would then be trimmed and it appears there is a place where one could have their initial engraved or stamped. You can clearly see the flow lines from use in production on the face of the die. I have looked through a significant number of New York City Guard insignia and plates and have not found this exact example. You can clearly see this die was repurposed. There was an area below the motif where a name plate was at one time. This has been removed and flattened allowing the design for the stamped brass to stand alone.

Measures: 3" x 3.5"

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $495.00


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