Z1919     British Pattern 1856 Enfield Sword Bayonet for the M-1858 Bar on Band Rifle (Confederate Import)

Description: Here is a scarce CS imported blade. This is a barn condition 1856 Enfield Bayonet for the M1858 "Bar on Band" rifle. This one hasn't been cleaned or touched. The ricasso is marked with a knight's head which stands for Kirschbaum of Solingen, Germany. The side of the pommel cap is engraved "1511." The engraving on the pommel cap/hilt matched the rifle that was imported. Both knurled leather grips are present but have shrunken a little over time. The locking spring is stuck in place and the blade exhibits a fine layer of rust.

Measures:  26.5" in Length

Reference: The English Connection pgs. 327-329

Price: $695.00


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