Z2017     Complete Full and Intact Box of 50 Eley-Kynoch 16 Gauge Pinfire Shotshell Cartridges (No. 6 Shot)

Description: Here is a complete, full, and correct box of (50) 16 gauge pinfire shotshells. These were produced by Eley-Kynoch in their Birmingham factory and are manufactured for use in black powder shotguns. The headstamp on these particular shells dates this box from the late 1920's -1961. If you have a 16 gauge pinfire shotgun, this would look great sitting next to it.

Measures: 8.75" x 4.25" x 3.25"

Shell Headstamp: ELEY-KYNOCH / 16 (ICI) 16

Price: $695.00


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