Z2195     Federal 3" Parrott Case-Shot Shell with Bormann Fuse

Description: Here is an excavated Bormann fused Parrott shell filled with case-shot. This one has a nice fuse punched around the three second mark. There is one issue with this shell and I think you can see from the pictures. From the middle to the top and about 2/3rds around the top is filled with something and covered over. I'm not sure why or what is going on behind it but it's mentioned for exactness. A magnet does stick all around the nose section. It may have been rough when dug and filled in. Verbal provenance on this shell is South Mountain Maryland.

Measures: 2.9" x 8.25"

Recovered: Unknown

Reference: Dickey & George, Field Artillery, (1993 Edition), Pg. 217

Price: $495.00


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