Z220     WW1 Battlefield Pickup Relic French Mle 1886/93

Description: Here is a very nice WWI vintage French Lebel rifle that was picked up in France many moons ago. This piece was brought back and was part of a large group of excavated/pickup relics from France. It is in relic condition. It appears that the barrel is plugged and is probably the reason the gun was discarded. There is still a little bit of the stock remaining. You can clearly see the manufacture date of 1915 near the receiver. There was a little bit of green paint that was dropped on the end of the barrel but it would easily clean off. This would make an excellent gift for the WWI enthusiast or it may look even nicer hanging on your wall.

Measures:  42" x 4.5"

Recovered: France

Price: $135.00


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