Z2649     Lot of Three Handmade Rings

Description: Here is a nice grouping of three rings. The card reads, "These rings were cut out with a jack knife to while away lonely hours while in camp / Made by Geo. E. Cook." The back of the card reads, "Property of C.C. Cook who was George's son. The large ring has a crack in the band and at one time had something affixed to the top. There are two additional smaller rings. The medium ring is made of wood and the smaller ring has two hearts inlaid on the sides and a hear inlaid on the top. Based on the size, this appears to be a ring made for a child.

Car Measures: 3.75" x 5.5"

Recovered: From the personal effects of George E. Cook Company A 21st Mass. Vol. Regiment

Price: $75.00


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