Z2650     Lot of three Post War Medals, One Bullet, and Two Carved Bone Pieces

Description: This is a small group that contains two Sons of Veteran's medals that I would assume belonged to C.C. Cook, George E. Cooks son. The badge in the middle is a Women's Relief Corps medal and may have belonged to the wife of C.C. Cook. This lot also includes a bullet found within the box and two small carved bone pieces. Both carved bone pieces have holes in them and were probably used as lanyard or small bolo ties. The first piece measures .764" x .553" and is an intricately carved Holy Bible. This device has a rounded spine, pages, and the front and back are carved. The other piece is a small heart that measures .741" x .921." There is a carved shank on the back and could have been used as a button as well.

Recovered: From the personal effects of George E. Cook Company A 21st Mass. Vol. Regiment

Price: $90.00


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