.45 Teatfire Cartridge (Williamson's Patent No. 41,183 of January 5, 1864)


Reference Number Z4094


Description: Here is a very nice .45 teat-fire cartridge with the round teat. This cartridge was patented by David Williamson of Brooklyn, New York on January 5, 1864. The patent was assigned to the Moore's Patent Fire Arms Company of New York. Thomas states that the cartridge, "was developed explicitly for a revolver that could circumvent the Rollin White/Smith & Wesson patent." The nipple or teat held the fulminate while the casing held the ball and powder. The flat teat variants were known as the No. 1 cartridges while the round teats eventually became know as the No. 2 cartridges. These cartridges were manufactured expressly for the "National Revolver produced by Moore's Patent Fire Arms Company of Brooklyn, New York.


Measures:    D .473"   OAL 1.527" 


Reference: Round Ball to Rimfire Vol. 3 Pg. 194 No. 997



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