Z814    .405 Cartridges for the Winchester Model 1895 Lever-Action Rifle (W.R.A. Co. .405 W.C.F. /U.M.C. .405 C.F)

Description: Nice cartridges that were developed in 1904 for the lever-action rifle. This is the caliber that was made famous by Theodore Roosevelt on his African Hunts. These cartridges were phased out in the late 1930's-1940's. We have two of these that are headstamped "W.R.A. Co. / .405 W.C.F" and one headstamped "U.M.C. .405 C.F." The UMC cartridge has a brass primer stamped "U." One of the Winchester cartridges are stamped with a "W." All of the casings are in excellent shape. The bullet tips show a little oxidation and the copper jackets are fine.

Price: $8.00 Each (Qty. Avail. 3)


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