M11     Late Indian War or Early Spanish American War Company Photo

Description: Here is an excellent image of a company of soldiers that appears to be from Pennsylvania. You can kind of make out a keystone on one of the hat insignia. This is an excellent image and the detail is great. You can see a wide variety of accoutrements such as canteens, cups, web belts, swords, belt plates, a holster, and bayonets. These soldiers are all armed with the .45/70 Trapdoor Springfield muskets. They all appear to be wearing their packs with the tents rolled up on top and their haversacks on the side. The soldier in the front row on the left has a pistol inside of his model 1881 holster. He is also wearing the 1872/72 regulation belt with the US buckle fully visible. He also has the model 1878 canteen strapped to his side. A few of the soldiers have insignia on their hats. Both officer's standing in the front are holding swords and the letters "U.S.V." can clearly be seen on their collars. The majority of the men appear to be wearing the 1880's .45/70 Mills web belts that would have held 45 rounds of ammo with the captive wire ends. The actual image measures approximately 10" x 7" and is mounted on a thick paper stock board measuring 12" x 10". The board has a few bends and a little foxing but the image is in fine shape with plenty of color and detail. 

Measures: 12" x 10"

Price: $95.00


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