M8     Brass Antietam Centennial Token (Dunkard Church)

Description: Here is an interesting item from the Centennial era here at Antietam. These tokens, along with a few other types were produced for the Antietam centennial. The face has a photo of the "Dunkard Church" in the middle and is surrounded by "Battle of Antietam" / Sept 17, 1862." The back states, " Good for 50 Cents in trade at any cooperating business or redeemable at any Washington or Frederick county Maryland bank on or before 2:00 PM Aug. 1, 1962." These tokens were produced for the bicentennial of Hagerstown, Md. as well as the centennial of the battles of Antietam & South Mountain. We have five of the Dunkard Church tokens available and will pick the best ones first. We also have a few of the other types so if you are looking for a particular one, let me know.

Measures: 33.85mm

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $15.00 Each (Qty. Available 5)


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