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Z2750     Bavarian Military Service Order, 4th Class with Swords by Gebruder Hemmerle of Munchen

Description: Nice medal in silver with swords for combat The only issues with enamel are on the front and back tips of the bottom of the cross which is minimal. The swords are marked 900 for their silver content and the back of the cross is marked "GH" for Gebruder Memmerle of Munch and 950 for the silver content. This particular order would have been presented to Captains or Lieutenants. The swords were pinned to the medal and are for combat awards. This medal would date from 1905-1918.

Measures: W 40.92 mm H 49.91 mm

Price: $375.00

Z2440     1912 First Class Marksman Medal (M.V.M) Massachusetts Volunteer Militia

Description: Nice badge with the original green and red ribbon. One of the swivel links was replaced a long time ago with copper wire.

Backmark: "The Hayes Bros Co"

Measures: 3.5"

Price: $35.00

Z2051     M.V.M. Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Expert Marksmanship Medal by the Hayes Bros. Co. 1909-1912

Description: Here is  a highly gilted marksmanship medal manufactured by the Hayes Bros. Co. for the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. This expert medal still retains the bars from 1909-1912 which is quite uncommon.

Backmark: The Hayes Bros. Co.

Measures: 3.25" x 2"

Price: $75.00

Z1905     WW1 Era US Navy Buckle (False Two-Piece)

Description: Here is a nice WW1 era US Navy buckle. This example has the eagle looking up and to the right instead of the left. As you can see this is a false two piece buckle that would have had a catch mounted on the other side of the belt.

Backmark: V-21-N

Measures: 2" x 2.75"

Price: $35.00

Z454     U.S. Marked Mess Knives WWI-WWII Era

Description: U.S. army mess knives. We haven't quite been able to put a date on these as they don't match up with any documented model number. All of them still have traces of the nickel plating. Each one has the "U.S." stamped into the handle. They were manufactured using a two part process. The blade is added to the handle and then soldered. Judging by the design I would say these were probably produced in the WWI Era but could possibly be earlier. I bet you probably don't have one of these in your mess gear collection.

Marked: "US"

Measures: 7.75" in Length

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $15.00 Each (Qty. Available 3)

Z428     Rare First Model LP08 32 Round Clip for the German Artillery Luger.

Here is an excellent and very rare dug item. This is an excavated 32 trommel magazine for the WWI German artillery Luger or Luger Carbine. Most of these are found in unissued condition. Here is an actual war used piece. The housing plate is gone exposing the spring and crank. These are very expensive in non dug condition. This would make an excellent addition to your WWI German Luger collection!

Measures: 5" x 3.75"

Recovered: France

Price: $125.00


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