Z1920    National Lancers Czapka Style Shako Helmet 1900-1965

Description: Here is an early 20th Century Shako Helmet worn by the National Lancers of Boston, Massachusetts. This style of hat was was copied after the Polish czapka which was used by the Prussians, Polish, Austrians, etc. The top of the hat has a diamond shape leather cover with corner plates and bullion trim. Underneath the top is a red wool felt cover trimmed in bullion that attaches to a blue wool felt body. The base of this is trimmed with leather with a leather/wool interior. The front of the helmet is adorned with a large brass sunburst plate. The brim of this helmet is tarred leather with a brass rim that is detached in one area. This one still has the original bullion braid which is partially stitched around the back of the helmet. Both shako buttons are affixed and the brass chinstrap is intact. Please take notice of the little interior leather holder affixed to the top. At one time, this would have held a waterproof cover for the helmet. This is missing on this example. There is a hole in the top leather piece but all of the ones that I have found have this. Perhaps it was for ventilation but who knows. This helmet measures approximately 10 in width on the top and approximately 10" in height.

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