Z2068     Model 1861 .58 Cartridge Box by L.S. Baker of New York with an SNY Boxplate

Description: Here is a Model 1861 cartridge box with an original SNY boxplate. This particular box was made by L.S Baker of New York. The leather is still pliable and there is light crazing throughout. The interior tool pouch flap has the most crazing as can be seen in the photos. One of the jappaned tin roller buckles is detached but it is still on the inside of the box. Both tins are original to the cartridge box and are slightly rusted. O'Donnell & Campbell state that this particular die pattern SNY boxplate is of the type purchased by the State of New York during 1864-1865 and "issued almost entirely to the local militia after the government ordered New York to stop outfitting its volunteers for Federal Service." I have included pictures of the buckle at the bottom of the item page.

Measures: 7.25" x 1.75" x 5.5"

Plate measures: 54 mm x 86 mm

Plate Reference: O'Donnell & Campbell Plate 550

Price: $895.00


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