Z2494     Excellent "Remember the Maine" Pin & Folk Art Ribbon (February 15, 1898)

Description: Here is an excellent folk art ribbon and pin combination to remember the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine which sank in Havana Harbor killing 268 men. This particular group contains a pin and needle with a small disc that reads, "Remember the Maine" on the face and "Cuba Must Be Free" on the back. The neat thing about this piece is it's stuck through a decorative ribbon. The ribbon has a small US flag on the top and a hand drawn picture of the main in the middle. The flag and picture are sewn into the red, white, and blue ribbon. Not only is this a great remembrance piece, it also has that turn of the century folk art appeal!

Measures: 6.25" folded and approximately 9" unfolded

Price: $225.00


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