Z902     Tongue from a Militia Buckle Marked "76"

Description: Here is an excellent relic from Frederick, Md. This is a massive tongue! Unfortunately the large wreath wasn't found with this tongue. The plate was recovered July 23, 1989 North of Frederick, Md. where Route 26 splits off of 15. The exact location is where the State Farm building is located today. I haven't been able to track down another buckle like it anywhere in my books. I have a strong feeling this buckle belonged to someone in the 76th New York Infantry Regiment. Based on where the plate was found I would think it would have been lost during the Maryland 1862 Campaign or during the fallback from Gettysburg. The 76th New York was in this area during both time frames. A little more research needs to be done. The left side of the belt keeper is bent forwards and needs to be straightened. The tongue area is nice with some verdigris. There is a slight shovel scrape across the face touching on the tops of both numbers and the top edge. These oddball plates are fun to research and I would bet it would be easy to track this to the 76th N.Y.I.R.

Measures: Tongue 42mm Belt Keeper 68.25mm

Recovered: North of Frederick Maryland off of Route 26 near the State Farm building.

Price: $995.00


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